Osteoarthritis Self-reported Chronic Pain and Functional Limitations

  • Samia El Kholy
  • Reham Abd-El Salam
Keywords: Osteoarthritis; Geriatric patients; Functional limitations; Chronic pain; Gerontological nurse


Chronic pain of older patients with osteoarthritis is a very exhausting complaint for them either physically, socially, emotionally, or economically. Chronic pain has a vital role in determining the functional abilities of geriatric patients with osteoarthritis. Objective: Determine the relationship between self-reported chronic pain and pain related functional limitations among geriatric patients with osteoarthritis. Setting: Orthopedic outpatient clinics of El Hadara Orthopedic and Traumatology University Hospital, Alexandria, Egypt. Subjects: 178 older adults were recruited. Tools: Three tools were used for data collection: 1) Socio-demographic and Clinical Data of Geriatric Patients with Osteoarthritis Structured Interview Schedule, 2) Self-Reported Chronic Pain Assessment of Geriatric Patients with Osteoarthritis Structured Interview Schedule, 3) Pain Related Functional Limitations Assessment of Geriatric Patients with Osteoarthritis Structured Interview Schedule. Results: More than one half of the study subjects reported greater suffering from chronic pain such as longer duration of chronic pain history,  frequent daily pain which persist for longer duration of time and characterized by greater level of severity. Also, the similar percentage of them reported severe level of pain related functional limitations. Conclusion: Greater suffering from chronic pain is significantly associated with greater levels of pain related functional limitations among the study subjects. Recommendations: Gerontological nurses should assess the geriatric patients for their pain history, and their perceived pain related functional limitations. Gerntological nurses should act collaboratively with the patients and health team members to alleviate the geriatric patients' suffering and pains to enhance their functional abilities and to decrease their functional limitations.