Assessment of the Impact of Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy on Adults Weight Reduction, Obesity-Associated Comorbidities and Quality of Life

  • Samia Osman
  • Hala Bayoumy
  • Howida Abdelaal
Keywords: Laparoscopic Sleeve Gastrectomy; Weight Loss; Quality of Life; Comorbidities


Obesity a worldwide health pandemic and a growing problem among Saudi population due to inactive lifestyle, lack of physical activity and a shift to soft drink and fast food. Obesity has a negative impact on physical, social wellbeing and increased risk of impaired quality of life of people. Laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy (LSG) is believed to be the most durable method of weight loss among obese patients improving their quality of life after this bariatric surgery is dependent on weight loss. Objective: Assess the impact of laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy on adults' weight reduction, obesity-associated comorbidities and quality of life. Setting: The study was conducted at Surgical Department at King Fahad Hospital in Almadinuh Almunawruh, Saudi Arabia. Subjects: 100 adult patients with obesity (BMI ≥ 40 Kg/m2) with or without obesity related comorbidities who underwent to LSG before and 12 months after surgery. Tools: Two tools were used; tool I, Socio-Demographic Characteristics & medical data, it was developed by the researcher, tool II, Quality of Life scale to measure the impact of weight on quality of life. Results: The results revealed that, there was statistical significant weight loss, reduction in BMI (p<0.001), significant reduction in severity of comorbidities (hypertension, type2 DM, arthritis) after surgery and significantly improved physical function, work performance and overall quality of life as well as experienced significantly lower public distress. Moreover, a significant positive correlation was shown between participants mean weight and their quality of life scores after surgery (p=.000). Conclusion: The study concludes that significant reduction of patient's body weight, comorbidities and QOL post LSG. Recommendations: Application of educational program for post laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy important for patients to improve their awareness of life style changes, especially about diet and develop a simple manual guideline of dietary modification to be available for post LSG patients and all nurses working with them.