Gerontological Nursing Students' Evaluation and Feedback about Objective Structured Clinical Examination

  • Soad Abd Elhameed
  • Doaa Abd Elmawla
Keywords: Gerontological nursing; Objective structure clinical examination; Students’ evaluation; Students’ feedback.


Objective structured clinical examination (OSCE) is one form of objective evaluation method that is gaining more acceptance and is being adopted by educators of various disciplines. Now, OSCE becomes a popular tool for assessing competency in clinical nursing and is applied in other branches of health sciences as dentistry and pharmacy. In OSCE evaluation of the clinical skills is crucial feedback and it plays a very important motivating role between students and academics to confirm the standard and appropriateness of a learning process. Objective: Determine the gerontological nursing students' evaluation and feedback about objective structured clinical examination. Setting: The study was carried out at Faculty of Nursing, Mansoura University, Egypt. Subjects: The study included 289 of undergraduate 4th level students enrolled in gerontological nursing course in the first and second semester during the academic year 2016/2017. Tools: Data was collected using three tools; Nursing Students Structured Questionnaire Sheet, OSCE Evaluation Questionnaire and Nursing students' feedback about OSCE questionnaire. Results: Finding of the present study revealed that most of the gerontological nursing students accepted the objective structured clinical examination as a tool for evaluating their clinical performance. They reported that OSCE was fair (77.9%), covered a wide range of clinical skills and knowledge (76.5% and 85.5% respectively), minimized the chance of failing and highlighted areas of weaknesses by more than two thirds of the students. Also, there was a significant correlation between the OSCE variables (P= 0.000). Conclusion: Objective structured clinical examination seems to be an acceptable and beneficial method for evaluation of the gerontological nursing students' clinical skills. Moreover, objective structured clinical examination implementation in Mansoura University Faculty of Nursing provides an evidence about accepting this tool of evaluation as viewed by gerontological nursing students. Recommendations: Preparing standardized and approved OSCE stations for gerontological nursing course by a high committee from the faculty and the department in the future.