Effect of Emotional Intelligence Training Intervention on Nursing Students’ Emotional Intelligence and Empathy Level

  • Neama Fouad Kamel
  • Aleya Mohamed Gamal Al Dean
  • Ola Ahmed Lachine
  • Amal Awad Moussa
Keywords: Emotional intelligence; Empathy; Nursing students; Training


Emotional intelligence (EI) and its significance to nursing have been increasingly emphasized throughout the last few years.  Emotional intelligence is composed of a deposit of interrelated skills involving a capability to appraise one’s own emotions, and those of others, utilization &regulation of own emotions, social skills, and optimism. Empathy also has been described as a necessary element of the nurse- patient relationship and its link to emotional intelligence has been reported. Accordingly, EI training skills can be incorporated into educational training intervention to promote these skills. Objective: Investigate the effect of emotional intelligence educational training intervention on levels of emotional intelligence and empathy among nursing students of Damanhour University. Setting: Fourth year nursing students, Faculty of Nursing, Damanhour University. Subjects: Twenty nine students enrolled in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing course, and a matched group of twenty nine students enrolled in the Community Health Nursing course. Tools: Three tools were used for data collection 1) Socio-demographic and academic data tool 2) Jefferson Scale of Empathy (JSPE) 3) Emotional Intelligence Scale. Results: The present study findings showed that empathy& emotional intelligence improved over a four weeks period after introducing training intervention for the study subjects. Conclusion: Emotional Intelligence training has can improve students’ empathy, appraisal of students own emotion and regulation and utilization of emotions. Recommendations: Emotional Intelligence courses should be held in curriculum of nursing for students and nursing staff to improve their empathic talents and emotional intelligence.


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