Effect of Human Relation Skills Training Program for Head Nurses on Staff Nurses Organizational Commitment

  • Nevine Abd El-aal
Keywords: Human relations, organizational commitment.


Human relation skills may play a significant role in the development of employees, and improvement of organizational commitment and performance. Objective: To determine the effect of human relation skills training program for head nurses on staff nurses organizational commitment. Subjects: All head nurses (n = 18), staff nurses (n = 69) working at El-Mabara and El-Zahraa hospitals in El Beheria Governorate. Tools: Two tools were used in this study namely: human relation skills scale for head nurse's and organizational commitment scale for staff nurses. Results: revealed that the total mean score of head nurses for human relation skills was 126.3±12.5 which significantly improved to 143.1±5.9 after two months of implementing the program. Also, about half of the staff nurses (55.1%) had high organizational commitment before ‎implementing the program while 85.5% after two months of implementing the ‎program reveals high organizational commitment. In addition, the highest factor affecting human relations among head nurses was leadership skills influencing others. Conclusion: There is an effect of human relation skills training program for head nurses and on their staff nurses organizational Commitment which is proved statistically. Recommendations: In-service training program should be provided periodically for both head nurses and staff nurses as well as all other healthcare providers about human relation skills to improve their knowledge in the previously mentioned two hospitals.