Relation between Vision Function and Self Care Practices of Older Adults with Cataract

  • Heba El Fadawy
  • Nagwa Ibrahim
  • Tarek Mohsen
  • Soad Abd Elhameed


Cataract is the most common age related eye disease in older adults. It affects their subjective vision function. Impaired vision functions affect older adult's ability to perform self care practices and consequently affect their ability to function safely and independently. Objective: Determine the relation between visual impairment and self care practices in older adults with cataract. Setting: The outpatient clinic of the ophthalmic center in Mansoura University. Subjects: 100 elderly patients, aged 60 years and above and diagnosed with senile cataract. Tools: Socio-demographic &clinical data structured interview schedule, Vision Function Questionnaire and Self care practices of older adults with cataract. Results: Impaired vision function in older adults with cataract affected significantly their ability to perform self care practices of older adults. Conclusion: Being familiar with their own home environment, one half of the study subjects reported no problem with self care practices. Recommendations: Health education about measures that maintain vision function to be provided by professional nurses in outpatients clinics to enhance self care practices.